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I love Jeans, and therefore can’t stop Recycling them. I cut out one pocket from an old pair of Jeans and turned it into a small Pocketbook. The Cotton Print  Trimming was all added by hand along with the closure, and handle. I attached two belt loops by machine sewing in the back to be worn around the waist also. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you in advance.




Great for small items.


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  1. Another clever idea! I planned to recycle my old jeans into a larger bag ages ago and still haven’t got around to doing it. Now I have extra inspiration to make a start. Thank you 😀

  2. This is adorbale!!!!

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  4. Very Cute! You are just so creative.
    Have you checked around for a “Meet-Up” group in your area where you can get together with other quilters? That can be fun. I joined one for dog owners and another for ladies getting together to eat out and travel short trips. There is a knitting meet-up group here, that I may look at.


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