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LEARNING through play

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Hi Everyone!

My granddaughter and I started our day by listening to songs of Praise on Pandora. I’m so thankful she likes music, and dance. After Praise and Worship which she loves,  it was time for Learning through Play.

The Lessons for the day included some work at our CREATIVE BOARD. I wrote down numbers, drew shapes, and asked questions, and she answered. My granddaughter likes being a teacher, and therefore enjoys writing, along with other creativity of her own. She also likes to ask me her favorite question, what’s that? When she asks that question, it is her way of playing the Teacher’s Role.



Words of the day are:



And the Bonus was the word STOP, and OCTAGON another shape to add to the others she already learned.


We ended our day by going for a walk.  She was able to recognize the shape Diamond, the color Green, and Black.


We noticed it is beginning to look a little like Christmas. Gift Boxes under the tree outside.


Thankful for another Blessed Day.

Be Blessed Everyone!

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  2. Have you thought about making an I-Spy quilt? They are great for teaching little ones 🙂 Avis x

  3. Thank you so much for commenting, and I’m glad you stopped by. Best, Mtetar

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