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2 S M A L L Projects

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Hi Everyone,

The weather today on my side of town is windy, cold, and there was some snow.


I thought to be creative with the empty


The question was how creative could I be, and useful for what? Maybe as organizing some of my crafts tools. I gathered these:  glue, ribbons, hole puncher, scissor, and I began my project.


The Milk Container had to be cut to a size. Next the floral ribbon glued on, and put aside to dry. After drying holes were punched for some embellishment of light pink ribbon. Next the dark green ribbon added as highlight on the floral ribbon.



After completing my organizers I used up my leftover yarns and crocheted a rug/mat. Very simple, started with chains with the solid burgundy ended the chains and began pulling the light pink in and out of loops I call it. After the solid pink I decided to use both colors (burgundy and light pink) at the same time.


I ended my rug/mat with the burgundy, and a brownish/tan tone using both at the same time, and also added the same embellishment on my organized.



Here are my organizers:


That’s it for my two small projects.

Be Blessed Everyone,


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  1. That’s a very inventive way to use up old cartons.

  2. Very nice and a great “repurpose” idea! There are many uses for your little mat, too! Some very good ideas!! Hugs, Doreen

    • Thank you D! Also for another visit. What other uses are there? I’m thinking for before the bed, door mat, and kitchen mat, with a fabric backing. How’s the weather now? Be Blessed, Mtetar

      • Still gloomy here but 36F…. I use one of the practice mats I made out of my quilt stitches tester (serged the edges) under my lap top so as not to scratch the surface it sets on and, when in my lap, gives me a small barrier from the heat it produces (which is something that is not good on my legs, I guess). Your mat ideas are good ones. Also, I have seen mats used as a bath mat (to step on when getting out of the tub/shower).

      • All great ideas, and reasons, D. I’ll pass on the Laptop info to someone I know who frequently uses her Laptop on her lap. Many thanks, Mtetar

      • The laptop info was something I heard quite a while ago and I was always sitting with mine on my lap and was noticing the heat. It was said that, long term, the heat that built up could damage skin cells. I had noticed a little “tingling” on the tops of my legs but that has since gone away now that I put this thin quilty pad under the laptop.

      • Thank you so much for sharing this, D. After sharing I found out that’s true what you experienced. I’m now going to make something for my cell phone because it gets heated also. Again, thanks for being so helpful. Mtetar

      • My cell use is limited because of that very thing. I use it for all long distance but make the calls short as the heat really gets a bit troublesome!

      • Yes it does. Thanks D for another helpful idea. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. Wow! Your containers look store bought! Great job! Also the mat you made is exceptional! How long did it take you to make it? It looks like you put a lot of time into it! Have a great weekend!

  4. How cute! We buy almond milk in that same type of carton. Been trying to figure out something to do with them. Now I know.

  5. easycraftsforchildren

    How lovely, great recycled idea !!

  6. You call those two “small” projects, but they would have taken me forever! Very nice! 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! Drying takes more time, and the rug was a simple loops in and out stitch. Thanks for the visit, and glad you like it. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  7. This is a great idea Mtetar, very creative! 🙂 they don’t look as if they were made out of milk cartons! love the colors you choose! 🙂 pink so cute!

    • Thanks, Ingrid for such uplifting comment, and glad to have you visit. How’s the play area project coming along? I hope well. Be Blessed, Mtetar

      • 🙂 My pleasure Mtetar! the play area downstairs didn’t work very well for him because of the bookcases we have downstairs, so we took his toys and divided the room in 2 so he could play where we don’t have the bookcases and where we can always see him. Hope before this summer we will be able to remove the bookcases from there and bring a small table for him but we need to find a safer place where all those books will go! 🙂 this last weekend I managed to put some books away! unfortunately our days are seem to be so short! 🙂 I hope I will be able to finish this project soon but I sincerely don’t think so! thanks Mtetar! 🙂

      • Thank for the bright side that you are doing your best for both safety, and play time. Also thanks to God for the better days ahead for a break from being indoors. We always need a bigger place, and more space when it comes to our children. Safety is always first of course. Be Blessed, Ingrid! Mtetar

      • you are so right Mtetar; those bookcases downstairs don’t look too safe for a little boy running around, I’m too scared and prefer for him not playing there at this moment! me too can’t wait for summer and warmer, longer days! 🙂

      • I agreed, Ingrid. Have a Blessed, Day! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  8. That’s very nice looking Mtetar , and organized 🙂

  9. HOW WONDERFUL!!!! I amazed that you did all that so quickly, really lovely x

  10. Pingback: June “Made It” – some patriotic Whimsy, a little Fairy, clever Crafts, funky Feet,a comfy Cushion, a cute Cardi, some sweet Socks and the softest Shawl on the planet! | woolhogs

    • Thanks a lot for commenting with words of motivation. Your creativity is very inspiring. I look forward to sharing always. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

  11. My craft corner

    This is very clever, love it 🙂


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