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Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having a Blessed Weekend and enjoying Early Spring as I’m.

I just thought to share this small, easy, and quick project. This project is a fundraiser for a Childcare Center in need of an Activity Center for their Infant Toddler Class. They asked all parents, staff, friends, and anyone willing to participate.  There were several different types of Birdhouses your choice to purchase, decorate, which will be put up for biding. I’m believing for a success. Participants were also asked to give some words of Inspiration and mine is Arise and fly with a Purpose.

I couldn’t decide on the few ribbons I have but chose one.



Continue to Be a Blessing because you’re Blessed.

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  1. What a lovely wreath! I love the ribbon and your bow is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I love the way that turned out. The bow is terrific. My front door is in need of a new spring wreath (Or a RE-DO at least). I have a nice grape-vine wreath that seriously needs fresh ribbon, and I know there are boxes of ribbon in the hobby/craft/sewing/quilting/GARAGE room. Just finding the ribbon is my mission today!! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. I like the finished wreath where the ribbon is wrapped completely around the wreath..the bow really stands out. You did a great job!


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