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Want to close the achievement gap? Start quality education well before children are 5 years old | The Hechinger Report

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  1. A very interesting article and one that I can agree with…for the most part. We never spoke in “child talk” to our boys but used the same words/sentence structure we would use if speaking to another adult. “Baby talk” has pretty much gone by the wayside, though. This article addresses the disparity between ethnic groups and that has far more to do with social issues that surround the young ones. I agree that a preschool situation is advantageous to future learning BUT, if the government has the control of guidelines, etc, my concern is the values that are taught along with the fundamentals. The “secular world view” permeates much of the teaching materials and many of the tough issues facing these beautiful young people would be lessened if God hadn’t been totally eradicated! I know that this is somewhat of a tangent from the core of the article but it’s very much something that permeates any solution that is needed.


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