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HiMama – Why Invest in Child Care Staff Training and Development

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    I have read both posts with interest..the one about biting children interested me, because we use to handle it differently, though in todays world we would be hauled into court..My neices will be visiting Tom and me tomorrow, I haven’t seen them in over 10 years or more. Both are my sister (who has passed) daughters . One lives in CA and is a professor the other who lives in NH is a retired nurse. I look forward to seeing them both and giving them pics of their Mom, deceased brother and of themselves to take home. One recently lost her husband about two to three years (it could even be longer) and the others husband is kept home due to illness. They are calling their visit a reunion holiday seeing family and friends along the way. I hope all is well with you and your family. Tom goes to the Urologist next Tuesday, I hoping for good news and keeping my fingers “X”…Lisa is planning her vacation in August and we will spend part of it with her, either taking a few days off to somewhere, or day trips (alot of places are already filled for August)..She needs the vacation as this has been a stressful time for her..Well take care..and Thank You for the posts…Joan

    • Thank you for always stopping by and commenting. Glad the post is of use. God is in control and will always make a way. You all are in my prayers and Tom is healed in Jesus’s Name, Amen. Kind regards to all and enjoy your time with your families. All is well and I’m grateful to GOD for his love towards me. Blessings Always, Mtetar


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