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Upcycling FINE MOTOR and Sensory Activity 

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HI Everyone, 

I’m believing all is well with you all as it is with me. God is good and I’m grateful for His Grace and Mercy towards me. He always makes a way. 

I just thought to share with you all an activity for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers . It is for Fine Motor and Sensory. Thank God for this Creative Idea.

The children will have fun through this approach to learning. This Creative Activity is called a Feely Box and things are put into  the box for children to pull out. Older toddlers and preschoolers may be asked questions as they pull things out of the box such as colors,  shapes, textures, size,  etc. Preschoolers can also find this interesting and play a guessing game with their eyes closed as they pull out something from the Feely Box.

Here are some pics of the Feely Box.  It is an empty Pasta Box decorated with stickers and after peeling off the stickers the sheets were used as well. 

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Blessings Always, 



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  1. A very creative way to encourage learning..the sense of touch.


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