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Children Walking on Tiptoes – New Kids Center

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    Thank you for this’s very informative..I would pass it on but haven’t been in touch with Courtney since early in the year..she’s having her own problems and doesn’t communicate with any of us on a regular basis. I don’t know how Daniel is doing otherwise I would pass this on to her. She doesn’t have physical custody of him only legal custody…So sad to mess up your life to lose everything that is important to you…She definately needs intervention from up above…I would also ask you to say a prayer for my niece son in law who is in his 50s and has advanced prostrate cancer..he has been giving 2-3 months to live after going through all kinds of therapies..Pray for his comfort in dealing with this devasting news and to be able to cope with the pain that he is enduring also for his wife and children (2 young adults) for acceptance of what is going to be. I want to thank you for including them in your prayers…Joan

    • Thank you for always stopping by and commenting. I pray right now in Jesus’s Name for total healing for the Glory of God. I pray for his strength, peace, rest, and that he trust and believes in God because all things are possible with God. We are all going through and prayer is what we all need. God Always open doors and makes a way. Blessings Always, Mtetar


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