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HiMama – 7 Tips for Hiring a Preschool Teacher

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The DAY after

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Hi Everyone ,  

I’m believing you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and some of you probably made it to The Black Friday Sales .  I stayed in and worked on a Small Project which I’m still learning the how to. Thank you Lord for making it possible.

Here it is :

The Cold Weather has begun on the East Coast and this is nice and warm. I’ll be practicing more on my craftsmanship.

Until next time, thank you in advanced for stopping by ,  reading, commenting ,  and clicking the Like Button . 

Blessings Always, Mtetar 


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Blessings Always , 


FROM The Kitchen to The Classroom 

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Hi Everyone

How are you all doing on today? Blessed and well I’m believing. I can only continue to praise and thank God for His Grace and Mercy towards me allowing me to see another day.

I’m grateful for creative ideas that The Good Lord continues to give me. Here are some pics of my latest project which I’m going to introduce to the children I work with. 

These are Salmon Tin  Cans which were cleaned, decorated with stickers, and wrapped with clear packaging tape. I then made some Homemade Flashcards of shapes, numbers, and letters with magnet added on the back. This will be used several ways for example as Table Top Activity for the children to be encouraged recognizing numbers , shapes, letters, as well as colors. The Flashcards can also be put into a Feely Box and they can pick out a card and be ask what do you have? This is also great for Morning Meeting as well . 

Here is The Feely Box :

The Feely Box  is made from a Store Brand Pasta Box. I cut out a much bigger hole for the children to move their hand freely . 

Until my next post, Be Blessed because you’re


A Blessed and Busy Week

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Hello Everyone ,

I’m hoping your week is being Blessed and you’re busy because God is giving you strength . Thank you Lord for continuing to strengthen me and providing all my needs.

Here are photos of this Week’s Activities by Little Ms E and Little Mr N.

Until next time have a Blessed and Safe  Week . 

Continue to be a Blessing because you’re, 


Arts & Crafts By

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Hello Everyone !

I’m believing you all are well and Blessed and your week was as well. I’m Blessed each day due to God’s Grace and Mercy towards me giving me strength and peace of mind.

I just wanted to share with you all my Granddaughter’s latest project. She has been wanting to make this flower for some time and finally did it with her mom’s support and guidance. I thank God she was able to do it . 

Here are the pics :

Thank you all in advanced for your visits, comments and clicking the Like Button . 

Give THANKS and Glory each day to GOD.

Continue to be a Blessing because you’re , Mtetar 

TIME well spent

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Hi Everyone !

My Granddaughter is learning New Things and of course she doesn’t mind me sharing. She learned to make pizza not just from dough purchased from the store, but from scratch. Little Ms E is also showing interest in styling her hair.

Here are the pics :

Other areas of interest :

Her little brother is also learning, and advancing in his developmental skills. 
Here are the pics :

Until next time Be Blessed because you’re . 


Celebrating # 4

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Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy as well as making this possible.  Thank  you all for visiting ,  commenting ,  and clicking the Like Button during my four years of sharing on WordPress. I’ve met so many friends, some which we communicate by both email and mail.

Let’s continue to share our creativity and fill a need when seen.

God loves us all,



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Hi Everyone !

I’m believing all is well with you all as it is with me and I’m thankful likewise with my grandchildren. Thank you   Lord for your Grace and Mercy . 

This week two  of my grandchildren  showed interest in  pizza  making and learning to use what is available / improvise as well as be content. The children didn’t have a Rolling Pin and their mom told them about her days growing up and making use of things around the house. During the summer their mom would spend time with her aunt who really likes baking. Their mom showed interest and watched carefully while Aunt G prepares for her baking task. One of Aunt  G ‘s tools was a bottle for rolling dough in place of a Rolling Pin which she didn’t have at the time. Their mom watched and saw it worked, and she is thankful she remembered to share with her children.

Here are some pics !

DAY# 1 went really well adding toppings and being creative . 

DAY # 2 

Please know that the one rolling the dough is Little Ms E  who inspired me to start my blog as well as my  grannynanny category.

Blessings Always,


25 Apartment Cleaning Hacks that You Need Now

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