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SNOWY The Embellishment 

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Hi Everyone  !

Thank God for His Grace and Mercy towards me throughout 2016 .  

I like making wreaths because they’re easy and fast. I received a Holiday Stocking Stuffer/extra gift from a student  (A Creative Snowman made by his mom). The idea of using it as a tree ornament, window display, centerpiece on a table, or even on the doorknob were all great, but I decided to make a wreath.

Here is the pic  :

As always thank you for stopping by my blog, reading, commenting and clicking  the Like Button. I look forward to sharing and meeting more friends. . 

Blessings Always  ,


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  1. So creative and cute..that’s where we want the snow on a wreath as a snowman…less of it on the ground..At least from my point of view..Great Job!

    • Thank you Jonibee and yes on the ground and not icy. With much appreciation and I look forward to more sharing. Kind regards to hubby and the very best, Mtetar

  2. Snowman looks so cute!!!! 😎 Happy New Year, Mtetar !!!!

  3. Good idea. I love snowmen. That can stay up for a few weeks.

    • Yes it can and then Valentine’s Day is next. Thank you as always for stopping by and commenting with motivation. I appreciate your visit and comment, Mtetar


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