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S U R P R I S E !!!

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving Holiday as I did. I’m thankful daily to the Good Lord for His Grace and Mercy towards me, but even more thankful He saved me to see a New Day on Thanksgiving Morning. Thank you Lord!

He/God always makes a way and He made it possible for me to receive a gift for my birthday which is a week from today.

Attached is a Collage Format Pics of what I received. A scraf/throw/shawl, and a Red Tote Bag (two in one). The Tote has a detachable Plaid Wristlet which can be use alone or inside of the tote. I really like Tote Bags but this one is Extra Special because of God’s Favor to me.

Some Extra Special Gifts received on 12-02-18. Thank you LORD!

I must also extend my thanks and appreciation to My Nephew (Small George) as he is effectionally called. May God always bless and strengthen you.

Be blessed everyone because you’re, Mtetar

You are blessed

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Power in agreement

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