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With GOD all things are possible

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Hi Everyone!

I’m believing all is well and blessed with you all and you’re enjoying ad being safe day by day in Jesus Name.

God gave each one a Special Gift and at His Given Time He allows us to show interest to do other things through creativity. Te Glory is all His and we must praise and thank Him for His Goodness and Mercy towards us Amen.

I’ve been blessed with friends when I started this blog to send me scraps by mail and some of those scraps were used in this project by my grandson and I. His gift is with building/creating with Lego Blocks. As for me God has given me the talent to be creative with sewing, crafting, and at times with art. My grandchildren have been blessed to observed and show interest when I’m sewing. They tried cutting the fabric, designing the fabric placement, hand stitching, and even machine sewing.

Attached are some pics of two of my grandchildren showing interest in sewing. I’m a Novice and not a professional but do like sewing.

This is the back of the quilt by my grandson:

A car made from Lego Blocks:


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Blessings always,


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  1. They got their inspiration from their Grandmother who is so talented and creative. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..Beautiful creations of quilt and the truck…

    • Thank you so much Jonibee as always for visiting and commenting. Your inspiring comment is appreciated. Be blessed because you’re not, Mtetar

  2. Donna J Tyson

    Yes, All things are possible with God. Love the creative family and the quilt.

    • Thank you very much Donna your visit and comment is appreciated and is also one of engagement to keep practicing. Be a blessing because you are, Mary


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