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B L E S S E D by The Lord

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The Lord is Good and I thank Him.

Good Day Everyone,

How was your day today? I hope well and blessed. My day was good as The Lord keeps blessing me in all things. He helped me complete another Crocheting Project using up what I had, and not to be wasteful. Thank you Lord!

The Collage of pics attached below is a Poncho with a High Cowl Neckline, Color Scheme of Bright Orange, Brown, Green, Purple & Black. The length looks just right stopping at the elbows. I added a Green Rig Rac Trimming at the Hemline not only as a Fashion Statement, but also to have it drape/hang better.

Here’s the Finished Project:

Stay safe everyone, and Be a blessing because you’re,


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  1. It came out beautiful and it’s so attractive …I like your choice of colors…

    • Good Afternoon Joan, thank you as always for visiting, and commenting. Your comment is appreciated and inspiring. Kind regards to all. Be blessed because you’re, Mtetar


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