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B L E S S E D by The Lord

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The Lord is Good and I thank Him.

Good Day Everyone,

How was your day today? I hope well and blessed. My day was good as The Lord keeps blessing me in all things. He helped me complete another Crocheting Project using up what I had, and not to be wasteful. Thank you Lord!

The Collage of pics attached below is a Poncho with a High Cowl Neckline, Color Scheme of Bright Orange, Brown, Green, Purple & Black. The length looks just right stopping at the elbows. I added a Green Rig Rac Trimming at the Hemline not only as a Fashion Statement, but also to have it drape/hang better.

Here’s the Finished Project:

Stay safe everyone, and Be a blessing because you’re,


CROCHET Practice

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are being blessed by God’s Grace and Mercy as I’m. We must continue to give thanks, pray, believe, and trust, the Lord always,

I’m being being strengthen by HIM/God during these trying times. HE is making all things possible according to His Writing Word. Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord for advancing me in my crocheting skill.

Attached are my finished projects during my time home.

Be a blessing always because you’re,


Yarn used are from scraps are had from other projects.

Attached below I used the Black Eyelash Yarn around the neckline.

Inspiring/gifted/ & talented by God’s Grace & Mercy

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hope you all are well and blessed in the name of Jesus. I’m believing your summer is going well and safe. Kindly save the DATE and join others in supporting so many amazing projects LEGO BLOCKS related. Whether you’re a fan, builder, or like art of this nature your support is very much appreciated. Thank you all in advanced looking forward to your presence.

Be a blessing because you’re,


Warming up with CROCHET 

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Hi Everyone, 

I just thought to share my latest Fall/Winter Accessories Projects.



My First

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Hi Everyone, 

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying this New Day. I’m grateful to see this New Day. 

I’m still learning how to crochet and here’s my First Hat.




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Hi Everyone, 

I’m believing all is well and you all had a Blessed, enjoyable, and safe Thanksgiving Day. I’m thankful and grateful for God’s Goodness towards me and today is no difference. Thank you Lord!

Here are some projects I’ve been working on for the up coming cold weather. 

Here are the pics:

Blessing and appreciation always, 


It is Spring!

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Be Blessed, 


SNOWY The Embellishment 

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Hi Everyone  !

Thank God for His Grace and Mercy towards me throughout 2016 .  

I like making wreaths because they’re easy and fast. I received a Holiday Stocking Stuffer/extra gift from a student  (A Creative Snowman made by his mom). The idea of using it as a tree ornament, window display, centerpiece on a table, or even on the doorknob were all great, but I decided to make a wreath.

Here is the pic  :

As always thank you for stopping by my blog, reading, commenting and clicking  the Like Button. I look forward to sharing and meeting more friends. . 

Blessings Always  ,


O R A G A N I Z I N G Ribbons

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Hello Everyone

I just thought to share this quick and easy project with you all. My easiest and quickest  projects are made with ribbons such as wreaths. It can be difficult when you are unorganized and not knowing what you have / don’t have. There are times you buy things and forget and buy the same item again.

Here are some pics  of organizing my ribbons:

Until next time, thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting,  and clicking the Like Button.

Blessings Always, 


During The Eve 

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Hi Everyone ,

I’m believing you all had a Blessed Holiday and looking forward to A New Year of God’s Grace and Mercy. I’m thankful and grateful to the Good Lord for all he continues to do for me.

Here are pics of my projects, after receiving a gift from my Secret Santa. 

Thank you  all as always for your visits, comments, and clicking the Like Button. 

Continue to be a Blessing because you’re,  Mtetar