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Sml Salmon Cans/Muffins Pans

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Good Morning Everyone, 

I’m grateful The Good Lord kept me to see this New Day. I just wanted to share quickly how great is recycling ,  upcycling and creativity are.

I’m appreciative of using /making use of what I’ve. In the past I wouldn’t have thought to make use of cans, boxes, old garments, bottles, etc to make something new, different /unique. All thanks to God and The Glory is HIS.

I really like the color and shape of the Salmon Cans and have made things such as  Pencils/ holder for other things on my desk, Magnetic Letters, Shapes ,  Numbers ,  etc for preschoolers and now Muffins Baking Pans.

Here are some pics :

Cornbread made from scratch :


2 cups of Yellow Cornmeal 

2 eggs

2 cups of Self Rising Flour 

4 pinches each of Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Oil of your choice, sugar to your taste, milk and water for a nice batter when all ingredients are mixed. Pre Heat Oven 350 and then 400 for baking. Greased Pans with your choice of butter or oil.  Bake to your choice of Golden Brown.

I used Store Brand Evaporated Can Milk as well as Vegetable Cooking Oil for the mixing and greasing of the pans. The Muffins didn’t stick to the pans.

Today is another cold day on my side of town what is it like on your side of town? Thank you for your visits, comments ,  and clicking the Like Button in advanced . 

Blessings to you all



Shawl /Cape /Poncho 

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Hello Everyone !

How is the weather on your side of town? My side of town is cold, therefore Im thankful The Good Lord gave me an idea for this project. I had both fabrics sitting for a while and couldn’t think of what to do with them. One of the fabrics  is velvet and the other wool pin stripe which are warm fabrics. 

Here are the pics :

Thank you in advanced for your visit, commenting , and clicking the Like Button . 

Until my next post, Be Blessed because you’re ,  Mtetar 

Celebrating # 4

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Thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy as well as making this possible.  Thank  you all for visiting ,  commenting ,  and clicking the Like Button during my four years of sharing on WordPress. I’ve met so many friends, some which we communicate by both email and mail.

Let’s continue to share our creativity and fill a need when seen.

God loves us all,


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