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Cooking with Kids | FunShine Blog

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How to Make Physical Distancing Work for Your Family – YouVersion

H E L P you may need?

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Hi Everyone,

I you are all doing well and being safe and thanking God for His Grace and Mercy. If you or someone you know needs Virtual Tutoring, feel free to check out the attachment. Thank you in advance.

Be a blessing, and supportive,


At-Home Exercises for Kids

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3 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust to the New “Normal” – YouVersion

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CROCHET Practice

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Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are being blessed by God’s Grace and Mercy as I’m. We must continue to give thanks, pray, believe, and trust, the Lord always,

I’m being being strengthen by HIM/God during these trying times. HE is making all things possible according to His Writing Word. Thank you Lord.

Thank you Lord for advancing me in my crocheting skill.

Attached are my finished projects during my time home.

Be a blessing always because you’re,


Yarn used are from scraps are had from other projects.

Attached below I used the Black Eyelash Yarn around the neckline.

10 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

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How to Turn a Closet into a ‘Cloffice’ |

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3 Safety Tips to Remember When Young Kids are Home | Safe Kids Worldwide

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Here’s How to Find Your Perfect Apartment Online |

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