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During The EveĀ 

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Hi Everyone ,

I’m believing you all had a Blessed Holiday and looking forward to A New Year of God’s Grace and Mercy. I’m thankful and grateful to the Good Lord for all he continues to do for me.

Here are pics of my projects, after receiving a gift from my Secret Santa. 

Thank you  all as always for your visits, comments, and clicking the Like Button. 

Continue to be a Blessing because you’re,  Mtetar  

The DAY after

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Hi Everyone ,  

I’m believing you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and some of you probably made it to The Black Friday Sales .  I stayed in and worked on a Small Project which I’m still learning the how to. Thank you Lord for making it possible.

Here it is :

The Cold Weather has begun on the East Coast and this is nice and warm. I’ll be practicing more on my craftsmanship.

Until next time, thank you in advanced for stopping by ,  reading, commenting ,  and clicking the Like Button . 

Blessings Always, Mtetar 

Beautiful P R O J E C T S

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