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S P E C I A L and Different

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Hi Everyone! I’m G R A T E F U L on this day after the observance of Thanksgiving Day. Grateful for so many reasons namely: (1). The Gift of Life through God’s Grace. (2). It was a Special kind of observance for me to observe my Teenage Grandson baked his first Cornbread. It was of course an excitement for him, and the best baked Cornbread as well. It was indeed delicious, and our entire family had a great time with the Cornbread.


(3). It was my family first time ever not being wasteful on Thanksgiving Day. We cooked enough, had plenty to eat, and didn’t have to waste, or throw away any food. All thanks to GOD we were mindful. (4). After dinner we played several games, saying why we were grateful for each person, and for ourselves. (5). The all time favorite Apple Pie was served after the games. Our day was God sent, peaceful, and Blessed. What was your day like? I’m forever Grateful, Mtetar