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Hi Everyone!

I’m believing all is well and you all are having a Blessed Summer. I’m grateful for God’s Grace and Mercy each day as well as for strengthening me.

A friend of mine asked that I patch up her Granddaughters’s Overalls and I said no problem. She asked what would the cost be and I said nothing knowing how caring and giving she is to me. Her answer was okay I’ll bring it for you to look at and the next day she forgot. The following day she said my granddaughter said she just doesn’t want the overalls anymore. I told her to bring it in and I’ll do something with it for myself. 

I love Tote Bags and and did think I could do any thing after seeing how worn the overalls were. It was was worth trying and God gave me the patience, creativity, and strength to complete the Tote. THANK YOU LORD! 

Here are the pics

Thank you for your visit, reading, commenting,  and liking.

Blessings always,


Summer Project #1

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are well, and Blessed as I’m. I’m truly grateful to God for HIS goodness towards me, and strengthening each day HE allows me to see.

I would like to share my first Summer Project which I made for my daughter. I’m believing she is going to like this surprise.

The dress is made from a leftover fabric  from another project, and I was Blessed with another fabric from a friend which I used as lining. Thank you Doreen!

The Dress:


The Dress fully lined:


The Tote Bag:


Until my next post, continue to Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed.